#17: Baseball Games

Draft Mechanic Episode 17: Baseball games, Minor league + craft beer, & WWE Superstar Showdown on Tap

Baseball’s back! Peanuts? Cracker jack? How about a fresh, piping hot episode of Draft Mechanic? We’re kicking off the baseball season with a double-header of awesome baseball games: Baseball Highlights 2045 and Bottom of the 9th! And you can’t forget it’s Wrestlemania season - we recorded today’s episode right before the show of shows and put last year’s WWE Superstar Showdown from Gale Force Nine on tap! We’ve also got some recent plays and some Kickstarter news to talk about. But enough talk - it’s time to play ball!

Kickstarter Roundup:
Rahdo Runs Through...YEAR FIVE
Kickstarter ends April 17th / BoardGameGeek

Kickstarter ends April 28th/ BoardGameGeek

Recent Play:
Zany Penguins
2016, Bombyx
Designers: Bruno Cathala, Mathieu Lanvin

Baseball Games:
Bottom of the 9th

2015, Dice Hate Me/Greater Than Games.
Designers: Darrell Louder, Mike Mullins

Baseball Highlights: 2045
2015, Eagle-Gryphon Games.
Designer: Mike FItzgerald

On Tap:
WWE Superstar Showdown
2015, Gale Force Nine
Designers: Aaron Dill, John Kovaleski, and Sean Sweigart


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