#18: The Golden Ages / Onirim

Draft Mechanic Episode #18: The Golden Ages review, Onirim on tap, Onitama, Best Treehouse Ever, and naming the GenCon Beer

I keep having this dream… and in it, there’s a new episode of Draft Mechanic! Make your dreams a reality with beer pairings for today’s on tap game, Onirim! Also, let’s explore what could have been earth if we had placed the tiles correctly in our six pack review of The Golden Ages. We’ve also shaken off the sleepies to talk about recent plays of the new hotness Onitama and the cute greatness Best Treehouse Ever. Finally, have you ever wanted to name a beer? Well, now’s your chance - Sun King Brewing is doing a beer naming contest for the beer they’ll brew for GenCon this year! So sit back, relax, grab a pint and enjoy the show! Just… turn off the lights and give me a blanket first, would you?

Kickstarter Roundup:

Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse Expansion
Kickstarter ends May 13/ BoardGameGeek

Recent Plays:

2016, Arcane Wonders
Designer: Shimpei Sato

Best Treehouse Ever
2015, Green Couch Games
Designer: Scott Almes

Six Pack Review:

The Golden Ages + Cults & Cultures expansion
2015, Stronghold Games
Designer: Luigi Ferrini

On Tap: Beer Pairings:

Onirim (second edition)
2014, Z-Man Games
Designer: Shadi Torbey

  • Birrificio Del Ducato "My Blueberry Nightmare" Sour Ale. Soragna, PR, Italy
    9.5% ABV.
    Sour stout brewed with hot chilies and aged for 2 years in oak barrels with blueberries
  • Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project "Nightmare on Brett" American Wild Ale. Denver, CO
    9.66% ABV.
    Dark sour with rotating barrel aging and fruit additions.
  • Uinta Brewing "Labyrinth" Black Ale. Salt Lake City, UT
    13.2%ABV, 56 IBU.
    Black ale aged in rye barrels.
  • Troegs Independent Brewing "DreamWeaver" Wheat beer. Hershey, PA.
    4.8% ABV, 15 IBU.
    Open-top fermented, unfiltered wheat beer.

Check out the Sun King Brewery 2016 GenCon Beer Naming Contest! (or the GenCon news post about it here)

Section Timestamps:
01:24 Upcoming Salud Board Game Night, April 19th
01:54 On Kickstarter: Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse
04:30 Recent plays: Onitama
10:59 Recent plays: Best Treehouse Ever

Six-Pack Review: The Golden Ages / Cults & Cultures expansion
17:17 The Golden Ages: Gameplay Overview
22:07 The Golden Ages: Discussion
41:48 The Golden Ages: Final Thoughts

44:51 On Tap: Onirim
55:38 Sun King Brewing’s “Name the GenCon Beer” contest
59:30 Outro

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