#61: Downforce

Draft Mechanic Episode 61: Downforce, Exoplanets On Tap, Hotshots, Camel Up!, Police Precinct, Dragonfire, Mars Open: Tabletop Golf, and Craft Beer Packaging: Bottles and Cans

***Gamers For Cures***

Mars Open: Tabletop Golf (BGG Page) - Kickstarter

Recent Plays:
2017, Fireside Games
Designer: Justin De Witt
Artist:  Víctor Pérez Corbella

Camel Up
2014, Z-Man Games
Designer: Steffan Bogen
Artist:  Dennis Lohausen

Police Precinct
2013, Common Man Games
Designer: Ole Steiness
Artist:  Marco Primo, George Patsouras

2017, Catalyst Game Labs
Designer: Randall Bills, Jay Schneider
(Boards Alive episode we referenced)

Six Pack Review:
2017, Restoration Games
Designer:  Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson, Wolfgang Kramer
Artist:   Tavis Coburn, Michael Crampton

On Tap:
2015,  Board&Dice/Greater Than Games
Designer:  Przemysław Świerczyński
Artist:  Nolan Nasser, Przemysław Świerczyński 

Craft Beer Packaging: Bottles and Cans:
***Cans and Bottles: Craft Beer Packaging Trends***
The Beverage Journal: Cans vs. Bottles

Section Timestamps:


01:00 Show Housekeeping

03:34 Among the Stars app!

10:55 FBGL Update - 3 Weeks left!

14:38 KS Preview: Mars Open

21:26 Extra Life Game Day

23:00 Recent Plays: Hotshots

32:03 Recent Plays: Camel Up!

37:47 Recent Plays: Police Precinct

46:23 Recent Plays: Dragonfire

56:38 Grey Fox Games sponsorship spot

57:29 Six Pack Review: Downforce

57:55 Downforce: Rules Overview

62:19 Downforce: Discussion

73:45 Recent Plays: Exoplanets

85:13 On Tap: Exoplanets

88:25 Canning versus Bottling

101:38 Outro

#55: Gen Con 50 Wrapup!

#55: Gen Con 50 Wrap-up!

Hey all! Episode 55 is going to be a little different! Each day during Gen Con 50, we sat down with our buds (Shane, Tamara, Steven, Dan) and talked about what we saw at the biggest con of the year (and the biggest Gen Con in history). I’ve assembled those recordings chronologically just like last year for over an hour of extra content! We really hope you enjoy our wrap-ups, and we’ll be back next Monday for another episode and a more in-depth look at some of the hottest games of the year, fresh from Gen Con 50!

#54: The Hype List 2017

Draft Mechanic Episode #54: The Hype List 2017: Gen Con 50; Vegas Wits & Wagers preview & on-tap

The Hype List is here! The Summer of Hot Games wouldn’t be complete without our exhaustive look at a big pile of games we’re excited to learn more about at Gen Con 50 this week in Indianapolis. In addition to that big feature, we’re also busting out our Kickstarter preview of the upcoming Vegas Wits & Wagers from North Star Games! But one feature isn’t enough for an episode this big - we’re also putting Vegas Wits & Wagers on tap, we’ve got a special guest popping in to talk about Fantasy Flight Games’ big announcement, and we’ve got a discussion with two of our game group about their plans for their first trip to Gen Con. I hope you’ve got a long drive, because this super-stuffed episode is just brimming with HYPE!

Vegas Wits & Wagers
North Star Games, 2017. 5-21 players. Hits Kickstarter on August 19th, 2017!

On Tap:

Gen Con Events

Sun King Brewing Kickoff Party (Facebook Event Page)
Wednesday, 5pm, Georgia Street Beer Garden

Punchboard Media meet & greet event with prizes! (Facebook Event Page)
Friday, 5-7pm, Georgia Street Beer Garden

Games Announcements & Hype

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition - Fantasy Flight Games

Renegade Games teases... something?

And of course, here's the complete Hype List that we worked off for this show. Using the Gen Con 50 Geek Preview on Board Game Geek, we ranked all items as Must Have / Interested / Undecided / Not Interested and then ranked it accordingly. Enjoy!

Section Timestamps:

00:00 Show Housekeeping
03:20 Corrections from Episode 53
05:19 Kickstarter Preview: Vegas Wits & Wagers!
16:48 Gen Con events roundup! Punchboard Media meet up!
18:47 Sun King Brewery events at Gen Con
20:09 The mystery of HYPE
21:12 Twilight Imperiul, 4th Ed. (special guest Chris Kirkman)
37:48 Getting into the hype list!
1:00:54 Checking in with Tamara and Steven
1:23:32 Back to the hype list!
2:13:22 On Tap: Vegas Wits & Wagers
2:17:37 Wrap-up