#61: Downforce

Draft Mechanic Episode 61: Downforce, Exoplanets On Tap, Hotshots, Camel Up!, Police Precinct, Dragonfire, Mars Open: Tabletop Golf, and Craft Beer Packaging: Bottles and Cans

***Gamers For Cures***

Mars Open: Tabletop Golf (BGG Page) - Kickstarter

Recent Plays:
2017, Fireside Games
Designer: Justin De Witt
Artist:  Víctor Pérez Corbella

Camel Up
2014, Z-Man Games
Designer: Steffan Bogen
Artist:  Dennis Lohausen

Police Precinct
2013, Common Man Games
Designer: Ole Steiness
Artist:  Marco Primo, George Patsouras

2017, Catalyst Game Labs
Designer: Randall Bills, Jay Schneider
(Boards Alive episode we referenced)

Six Pack Review:
2017, Restoration Games
Designer:  Rob Daviau, Justin D. Jacobson, Wolfgang Kramer
Artist:   Tavis Coburn, Michael Crampton

On Tap:
2015,  Board&Dice/Greater Than Games
Designer:  Przemysław Świerczyński
Artist:  Nolan Nasser, Przemysław Świerczyński 

Craft Beer Packaging: Bottles and Cans:
***Cans and Bottles: Craft Beer Packaging Trends***
The Beverage Journal: Cans vs. Bottles

Section Timestamps:


01:00 Show Housekeeping

03:34 Among the Stars app!

10:55 FBGL Update - 3 Weeks left!

14:38 KS Preview: Mars Open

21:26 Extra Life Game Day

23:00 Recent Plays: Hotshots

32:03 Recent Plays: Camel Up!

37:47 Recent Plays: Police Precinct

46:23 Recent Plays: Dragonfire

56:38 Grey Fox Games sponsorship spot

57:29 Six Pack Review: Downforce

57:55 Downforce: Rules Overview

62:19 Downforce: Discussion

73:45 Recent Plays: Exoplanets

85:13 On Tap: Exoplanets

88:25 Canning versus Bottling

101:38 Outro

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