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#107: Gen Con 2019 Recap

Regular show notes coming soon! In the meantime, here’s the timestamps for what we talk about!

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Thursday Recap Intro w/Shane!

04:11 Thundergryph Games - Hats, Rolling Ranch

06:46 Adam’s Apple Games - Thrive, Truck Off Roll-and-Write

11:24 Fowers Games - Burgle Bros 2

12:54 XYZ labs - Arch Ravelry

16:11 Funforge - Namiji

18:10 Junk Spirit Games - Battle of the Bards

19:35 Brain Games - Iron Forest, Pigasus

23:42 Karen Twelves’ Improv for Roleplayers class

26:17 Storm Chaser / Greater Than Games - Medium

31:05 HABA - Miyabi, Club der Tatzen

37:22 Blue Orange - Detective Club

41:05 Helvetiq - Kawaii

42:36 IDW - Tonari

45:00 RDTN strike tournament

46:15 Elf Creek Games - Honey Buzz

53:20 Friday Recap intro

55:17 Asmadi Games - 1001 Odysseys

59:44 Space Cowboys - T.I.M.E Stories Revolution ‘Damien’

69:42 Portal Games - Imperial Settlers Roll-and-Write

71:06 Good Games - Fluttering Souls

74:01 Resonym - Mechanica

69:33 Dire wolf digital - Raiders of the North Sea, Root, Sagrada digital, Clank Legacy

84:15 Board&Dice - Yedo Deluxe, Trismegistus, Escape Tales Low Memory

91:32 North Star Games’ Wits & Wagers Vegas Game Show

92:30 Renegade Games Studios Rally

95:12 Foxtrot - the Search for Planet X

97:22 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

98:26 Saturday Recap Intro w/Gates!

100:44 Z-Man Games - Noctiluca

102:35 HeidelBAR Games - Wordsmith, Decipher

106:24 HUB Games - Megacity: Oceania, Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr

111:35 Libellud - One Key

114:11 HUB Games - Flip Over Frog

115:35 Sizigi Studios - Cake Duel

117:10 Pandasaurus - Wayfinders

119:09 Gather Round Games - Schedule Simulator

122:05 Pandasaurus - Dead Man’s Cabal

128:08 Kuma’s Corner Burger Trip

130:34 Sunday Recap Intro

131:17 HUB Games - Flip Over Frog

133:48 HABA - Wobble King

135:55 Wrap-up and The Trip Home

138:29 Outro

140:12 Punchboard Media show ads

143:21 Level check

#93: The Quacks of Quedlinburg

Draft Mechanic Episode # 93: The Quacks of Quedlinburg Six Pack Review and On Tap, Carcassonne: Safari, Junk Orbit, Beer Primer: Baltic Porters, and Final Round: Looking Forward to 2019

War of the Worlds: The New Wave (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Suburbia: Collector’s Edition (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Rival Restaurants (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Tiny Dice Buddies Apparel (Kickstarter)

Recent Plays:
Junk Orbit
2018, Renegade Game Studios
Designer: Daniel Solis
Artist: Csaba Bernáth, Michelle Garrett, Eric Hibbeler, Jeanne Torres

Carcassonne: Safari
2018, Z-Man Games
Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Artist: Anne Heidsieck

Six Pack Review:
The Quacks of Quedlinburg
2018, North Star Games
Designer: Wolfgang Warsch
Artist: Dennis Lohausen, Wolfgang Warsch

On Tap:
The Quacks of Quedlinburg
2018, North Star Games
Designer: Wolfgang Warsch
Artist: Dennis Lohausen, Wolfgang Warsch
Maplewood Brewing Company "Charlatan"; Chicago, IL, USA
    6.1% ABV, 35 IBU.
    American pale ale.

    •Blake’s Hard Cider Company "The Tonic; Armada, MI, USA
    6.5% ABV.
    Cider with ginger root and cucumber.

    •Catskill Brewery "Eye of Newt"; Livingston Manor, NY, USA
    6.5% ABV.
    Oak aged Flanders Red.

    •Bar Hop "Miracle Cure"; Toronto, ON, Canada
    5.3% ABV, 20 IBU.
    Saison with pear, white pepper, & citrus notes.

    •Lord Hobo Brewing Co. "Boomsauce"; Woburn, MA, USA
    7.8% ABV, 78 IBU.
    New England IPA.

Beer Primer- Baltic Porters:
Episode #38 (Porter Beer Primer is at 68:17)
Baltic Porter - All About Beer
Baltic Porter: The ‘Robust’ Beer of the 18th Century Working Man
Baltic Porter: Lager’s Answer to Imperial Stout
Examples I Mentioned:
Topless Wytch from 3 Floyds Brewing Co. (Munster, IN, USA)
3Beans from Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Framinghammer from Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers (Framingham, MA, USA)
Öö from Põhjala Brewery (Tallinn, Harjuma, Estonia)
Ulfberht Baltic Porter from Burial Beer Co. (Asheville, NC, USA)

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

05:46 Direwolf Digital Announces Games

07:44 Roll For The Galaxy Expansion

12:15 Kickstarter Updates

13:54 Kickstarter: War of the Worlds: The New Wave

14:27 Kickstarter: Suburbia: Collector’s Edition

18:28 Kickstarter: Rival Restaurants

21:50 Kickstarter: Tiny Dice Buddies Apparel

23:53 Recent Plays: Junk Orbit

33:00 Recent Plays: Carcassonne: Safari

51:01 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

52:18 Six Pack Review: The Quacks of Quedlinburg

53:01 The Quacks of Quedlinburg: Gameplay Overview

58:16 The Quacks of Quedlinburg: Discussion

86:26 The Quacks of Quedlinburg: Final Thoughts

89:00 On Tap: The Quacks of Quedlinburg

92:47 The Beer Primer: Baltic Porter

102:54 The Final Round: Looking Forward to In 2019

107:46 Outro

#81: Gen Con 2018 Recap

Draft Mechanic Episode #81: Gen Con 2018 Convention Recap

Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager
2016, Boxfox Games
Designer: Seh Hui Leong
Artist: Macxell Lim

Warsaw: City of Ruins
2016, Granna Games/2018, North Star Games
Designer: Filip Miłuński
Artist: Tytus Brzozowski, Grzegorz Molas

2018, Starling Games
Designer: James A. Wilson
Artist: Andrew Bosley

Spirits of the Forest
2018, ThunderGryph Games
Designer: Michael Schacht
Artist: Natalie Dombois

2018, Queen Games
Designer: Christwart Conrad
Artist:  Ian O'Toole

Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Cereal Battle Game
2018,  Big G Creative
Designer: Forrest-Pruzan Creative

Team UP!
2018, Helvetiq
Designer:  Hadi Barkat, Sébastien Pauchon

Asmodee Digital: Gloomhaven

2018, Osprey Games
Designer:  Hal Duncan, Ruth Veevers
Artist:  Kwanchai Moriya

2019, Greater Than Games (Dice Hate Me Games)
Designer: Matthew O'Malley, Ben Rosset
Artist: SaRae Henderson

Sabotage Kickstarter

Crusader Kings: The Boardgame
2018, Free League
Designer: Tomas Härenstam, Nils Karlén, Jon Manker
Artist: Ola Larsson, Johanna Pettersson

Europa Universalis: The Board Game
2019, Aegir Games
Designer: Eivind Vetlesen

Into the Black Forest
2018 or 2019, Green Couch Games

War Chest
2018, Alderac Entertainment Group
Designer: Trevor Benjamin, David Thompson
Artist: Brigette Indelicato

Monster Match
2018, North Star Games
Designer:  Ken Gruhl, Quentin Weir
Artist:  Linda DeSantis, Ben Goldman

2012,  Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH
Designer: Dieter Nüßle
Artist: Franz Vohwinkel
(Reimplementation coming soon as Impact: Battle of the Elements)

Mars Open: Tabletop Golf
2018, Bellwether Games
Designer: Dennis Hoyle
Artist: Harris Fagotto, Katie Khau

Run, Fight, or Die: Reloaded Kickstarter

2018, Plaid Hat Games
Designer: Jerry Hawthorne
Artist: Jimmy Xia, Tregis

Spirits of the Wild
2018, Mattel
Designer: Nick Hayes

One Deck Galaxy
2019, Asmadi Games
Designer: Unlisted

Fast Forward: FORTUNE
2018, Stronghold Games/2F Spiele
Designer: Friedemann Friese
Artist:  Harald Lieske

Bad Maps
2019, Floodgate Games
Designer: Tim Armstrong
Artist: Kristen Pauline, Peter Wocken

2019, Floodgate Games
Designer: Daryl Andrews, Erica Bouyouris
Artist: Kwanchai Moriya

2017, HABA
Designer: Prospero Hall

Karuba: The Card Game
2017, HABA
Designer: Rüdiger Dorn
Artist: Claus Stephan

One Shot Network

Kuma's Corner

High Rise
2019, Formal Ferret Games
Designer: Gil Hova

Danielle Corsetto: Girls With Slingshots, Stuck at 32, Boo! It's Sex

Taft's Ale House

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Wednesday (intro)

03:48 Played: Pasaraya

06:27 Planning for the week

07:44 Thursday recap

09:00 First stops in the hall

11:15 Played: Warsaw, City of Ruins

15:45 Played: Everdell

20:57 Played: Spirits of the Forest

25:21 Demo: Franchise

32:33 Played: Team Up!

36:06 News from: Asmodee Digital

41:48 News from: Direwolf Digital

45:04 Demo: Cryptid

49:45 Friday recap

50:33 Played: Homebrewers

55:19 Played: Sabotage

56:38 Demo: Crusader Kings & Europa Universalis

61:08 Played: Into the Black Forest

64:50 News from: Alderac Entertainment (AEG)

68:16 News: New T.I.M.E Stories surprise

69:45 Rolling Dice & Taking Names meet up

71:14 Played: Mars Open

74:19 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

75:09 Saturday recap

76:19 Demo: Comanauts

80:18 Played: Spirits of the Wild

83:03 Demo: One Deck Galaxy

88:10 Played: Fast Forward “Fortune”

91:14 Demos: Bad Maps & Bosk

97:34 Demos: HABA

101:07 Panels & Events

104:08 Sunday recap

104:34 Played: High Rise

110:39 Gen Con Final Thoughts

114:30 Outro