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#93: The Quacks of Quedlinburg

Draft Mechanic Episode # 93: The Quacks of Quedlinburg Six Pack Review and On Tap, Carcassonne: Safari, Junk Orbit, Beer Primer: Baltic Porters, and Final Round: Looking Forward to 2019

War of the Worlds: The New Wave (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Suburbia: Collector’s Edition (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Rival Restaurants (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Tiny Dice Buddies Apparel (Kickstarter)

Recent Plays:
Junk Orbit
2018, Renegade Game Studios
Designer: Daniel Solis
Artist: Csaba Bernáth, Michelle Garrett, Eric Hibbeler, Jeanne Torres

Carcassonne: Safari
2018, Z-Man Games
Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Artist: Anne Heidsieck

Six Pack Review:
The Quacks of Quedlinburg
2018, North Star Games
Designer: Wolfgang Warsch
Artist: Dennis Lohausen, Wolfgang Warsch

On Tap:
The Quacks of Quedlinburg
2018, North Star Games
Designer: Wolfgang Warsch
Artist: Dennis Lohausen, Wolfgang Warsch
Maplewood Brewing Company "Charlatan"; Chicago, IL, USA
    6.1% ABV, 35 IBU.
    American pale ale.

    •Blake’s Hard Cider Company "The Tonic; Armada, MI, USA
    6.5% ABV.
    Cider with ginger root and cucumber.

    •Catskill Brewery "Eye of Newt"; Livingston Manor, NY, USA
    6.5% ABV.
    Oak aged Flanders Red.

    •Bar Hop "Miracle Cure"; Toronto, ON, Canada
    5.3% ABV, 20 IBU.
    Saison with pear, white pepper, & citrus notes.

    •Lord Hobo Brewing Co. "Boomsauce"; Woburn, MA, USA
    7.8% ABV, 78 IBU.
    New England IPA.

Beer Primer- Baltic Porters:
Episode #38 (Porter Beer Primer is at 68:17)
Baltic Porter - All About Beer
Baltic Porter: The ‘Robust’ Beer of the 18th Century Working Man
Baltic Porter: Lager’s Answer to Imperial Stout
Examples I Mentioned:
Topless Wytch from 3 Floyds Brewing Co. (Munster, IN, USA)
3Beans from Sixpoint Brewery (Brooklyn, NY, USA)
Framinghammer from Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers (Framingham, MA, USA)
Öö from Põhjala Brewery (Tallinn, Harjuma, Estonia)
Ulfberht Baltic Porter from Burial Beer Co. (Asheville, NC, USA)

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

05:46 Direwolf Digital Announces Games

07:44 Roll For The Galaxy Expansion

12:15 Kickstarter Updates

13:54 Kickstarter: War of the Worlds: The New Wave

14:27 Kickstarter: Suburbia: Collector’s Edition

18:28 Kickstarter: Rival Restaurants

21:50 Kickstarter: Tiny Dice Buddies Apparel

23:53 Recent Plays: Junk Orbit

33:00 Recent Plays: Carcassonne: Safari

51:01 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

52:18 Six Pack Review: The Quacks of Quedlinburg

53:01 The Quacks of Quedlinburg: Gameplay Overview

58:16 The Quacks of Quedlinburg: Discussion

86:26 The Quacks of Quedlinburg: Final Thoughts

89:00 On Tap: The Quacks of Quedlinburg

92:47 The Beer Primer: Baltic Porter

102:54 The Final Round: Looking Forward to In 2019

107:46 Outro

#82: Randowriters

Draft Mechanic Episode #82: Qwinto, Dice Stars, Can't Stop Express, Roll To The Top!, Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition, Ganz Schön Clever, La Granja: No Siesta!, Welcome To... On Tap, Beer Primer: Kölsch, and Quick Games for New Board Game Meetup Attendees

MegaMooseCon 2018! August 24th - 26th at the Gateway Conference Center, Richburg SC

Adrift: Lost At Sea (Kickstarter)
Bargain Quest 2nd Printing & Black Market Expansion (BGG) (Expansion BGG) (Kickstarter)


2015, Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag /2018, Pandasaurus Games
Designer: Bernhard Lach, Uwe Rapp
Artist: Oliver Freudenreich 

Dice Stars
2016, Matagot / 2017, WizKids
Designer: Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc
Artist: Sabrina Tobal 

Can't Stop Express
2017, Eagle-Gryphon Games
Designer: Sid Sackson

Roll To The Top!
2018, Cwali
Designer: Peter Joustra, Corné van Moorsel
Artist:  Steven Tu

Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition
2018, Horrible Games/CMON Limited
Designer: Hjalmar Hach, Lorenzo Silva
Artist: Marta Tranquilli 

Ganz Schön Clever
2018, Schmidt Spiele
Designer: Wolfgang Warsch
Artist: Leon Schiffer

La Granja: No Siesta
2016, Stronghold Games
Designer: Andreas "ode." Odendahl
Artist: Harald Lieske

On Tap:
Welcome To...
2018, Deep Water Games/Blue Cocker Games
Designer: Benoit Turpin
Artist: Anne Heidsieck
    Perennial Artisan Ales "Suburban Beverage"; St. Louis, MO, USA
    4.2% ABV.
    Gose with Valencia oranges, Key limes, and Meyer lemons.

    •Simple Roots Brewing Company "Good Neighbor IPA"; Burlington, VT, USA
    6.5% ABV.
    IPA brewed with Mosaic & Citra hops.

    •5 Paddles Brewing Company "Home Sweet Home"; Whitby, ON, Canada
    5.5% ABV, 29 IBU.
    Wheat beer brewed with vanilla and honey malt.

    •Bellwoods Brewery "White Picket Fence"; Toronto, ON, Canada
    6.4% ABV.
    Foeder-aged saison.

    •Bell's Brewery "Pooltime Ale"; Kalamazoo, MI, USA
    5% ABV.
    Wheat alre brewed with Michigan cherry juice.

Beer Primer: Kölsch:
All About Beer Magazine - Stylistically Speaking: Kölsch

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

06:11 News: Discover: Lands Unknown

13:38 Kickstarter Updates

14:55 Kickstarter: Adrift, Lost at Sea

17:55 Kickstarter: Bargain Quest

20:48 About Randowriters

22:34 Randowriters: Qwinto

32:30 Randowriters: Dice Stars

42:15 Randowriters: Can’t Stop Express

54:31 Randowriters: Roll to the Top

66:29 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

67:17 Randowriters: Railroad Ink (Blazing Red Edition)

79:59 Randowriters: Ganz Schon Clever

95:09 Randowriters: La Granja No Siesta!

110:37 Randowriters: Welcome to…

128:05 On Tap: Welcome to…

130:52 Beer Primer: Kolsch

136:36 Final Round: Quick-playing games for new game night attendees

141:06 Outro

#46: Ethnos / Blood Rage

Draft Mechanic Episode #46: CMON Expo 2017, a Six-pack Review of Ethnos, Blood Rage On Tap, and Beer Primer: Pilsners

Diceborn Heroes

Recent Plays:

Dojo Kun
2017 (Q3?), CMON Limited.
Designers: Roberto Pestrin

2017, CMON Limited.
Designers: Silvano Sorrentino
Artists: Benedetto Gemma, Paolo Vallerga, Chiara Vercesi

Council of 4 (2nd Edition)
2017(maybe?), CMON Limited.
Designers: Simone Luciani, Daniele Tascini

Gekido: Bot Battles
2017, CMON Limited. 
Designers: Fel Barros, Romulo Marques

Bloodborne: The Card Game
2016, CMON Limited. 3-5 players. 30-45 minutes. 
Designers: Eric M. Lang
Artists: Sean Chancey

Modern Art
1992/2017, CMON Limited.
Designers: Reiner Knizia
Artists:  Manuel Carvalho, Ramon Martins, Daniel Melim, Rafael Silveira, Sigrid Thaler

Dogs of War
2014, CMON Limited. 3-5 players. 75 minutes. 
Designers: Paolo Mori
Artists:  Mathieu Harlaut, Christophe Madura

Six-Pack Review:

2017, CMON Limited.
Designers: Paolo Mori
Artists: John Howe

On Tap:

Blood Rage
2015, CMON Limited. 2-4 players. 60-90 minutes. 
Designers: Eric M. Lang
Artists: Adrian Smith, Mike McVeigh & Henning Ludvigsen

  • Odin Brewing Co. Odin’s Gift”; Tukwila, WA, USA
    5.4% ABV, 28 IBU.
    Ruby-red ale w/a touch of juniper berries. 
  • D9 Brewing Co. Viking Scottish Sour; Cornelius, NC, USA
    5.0% ABV.
    Scottish gruit/ancient herbed ale.
  • Superstition Meadery Ragnarok; Prescott, AZ, USA
    15% ABV.
    Wildflower honey mead fermented with mango juice.
  • Dansk MjodViking Blod”; Billund, Denmark
    19% ABV.
    Nordic honey wine with hibiscus and hops added.
  • Walhalla Craft Beer Loki”; Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
    5.5% ABV, 34 IBU.
    Golden session IPA dry hopped with Mosaic.

Beer Primer - Pilsners:

Pzensky Prazdroj "Pilsner Urquell"; Plzen, Czech Republic
4.4% ABV, 40 IBU
Czech Pilsner. 

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show housekeeping
03:33 Kickstarter: Diceborn Heroes
06:13 Unlock! watch, Spoiler Episodes and a Special Announcement
11:36 Going to CMON Expo
13:19 Recent Plays: Dojo Kun
18:04 Recent Plays: SherLook
21:54 Recent Plays: Council of 4
26:56 Recent Plays: Gekido, Bot Battles
31:20 Recent Plays: BloodBorne, the Card Game
35:45 Recent Plays: Modern Art
40:09 Recent Plays: Dogs of War
47:03 Six Pack Review: Ethnos
48:10 Ethnos: Gameplay overview
50:14 Ethnos: Discussion
67:09 Ethnos: Final Thoughts
67:54 On Tap: Blood Rage
73:56 The Beer Primer: Pilsner
86:03 Outro

#43: Coldwater Crown / Sagrada

Draft Mechanic Episode # 43: Coldwater Crown, Sagrada, Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft, 30 Rails, 5-Minute Dungeon, and a Beer Primer on Saisons


Chicagoland Dice Dojo
Bock's Games
Scythe: The Wind Gambit


The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is Goin' Wild in 2017!

Recent Plays:

The Mysterious Package Company

30 Rails
2016, Self-published print & play
Designer: Julian Anstey

Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft
2016, Devir
Designer: Diego Ibanez
Artist: Pedro Soto

5-Minute Dungeon
2017, Wiggles3D
Designer:  Conner Reid
Artist: Alex Diochon

Six-Pack Review:

Coldwater Crown
2017, Bellwether Games
Designer: Brian Suhre
Artist: Beth Sobel & Ryan Coleman

On Tap Beer Pairings:

2017, Floodgate Games
Designer: Daryl Andrews & Adrian Adamescu
Artist: Peter Wocken

Beer Primer- Saisons:

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Intro / Housekeeping
02:30 Travel: Chicagoland Dice Dojo
03:57 News: Scythe, The Wind Gambit
06:30 Kickstarter: The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast
08:51 Kickstarter: Matryoshka
12:21 Recent Plays: The Mysterious Package Company
17:26 Recent Plays: 30 Rails
22:04 Recent Plays: Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft
31:25 Recent Plays: 5-Minute Dungeon
37:24 Six Pack Review: Coldwater Crown
38:13 Coldwater Crown: Rules Walkthrough
44:33 Coldwater Crown: Discussion
57:50 Coldwater Crown: Final Thoughts
61:11 On Tap: Sagrada
73:00 The Beer Primer: Saisons
81:12 Outro

#38: Masmorra / The Blood of an Englishman

Hello again! Let’s go dungeoning! Today we’re taking a look at the new dungeon diving, treasure collecting, monster bashing game Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia from CMON Limited. We’ve also got a preview of a hot new game - SUPER HOT, even - as we take a look at SUPERHOT the Card Game in advance of its Kickstarter, launching this Tuesday (01/31). And just like in the video game, the cards move only when you move! For our on-tap game today we’ve chosen the recent Renegade games release Blood of an Englishman. Complete with the golden goose! To wrap up this episode, Danielle has put together a primer for the Porter style of beer. So sit back, relax, grab a pint and enjoy the show!

PAX Unplugged

Recent Plays:

2017, Board & Dice
Designer: Manuel Correia
Kickstarter (Coming 1/31)

2013, Takamagarhara; 2016, Quick SImple Fun
Designer: Kota Nakayama

Six Pack Review:

Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia
2017, CMON Limited/Spaghetti Western
Designer:  Daniel Alves, Patrick Matheus, Eurico Cunha Neto 

On Tap Beer Pairings:

The Blood of an Englishman
2016, Renegade Game Studios
Designer:Dan Cassar

Beer Primer: Porter

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Housekeeping
02:32 News: Conventions / PAX Unplugged
06:53 Kickstarter Preview: SUPERHOT Card Game
16:42 Recent Plays: Hanamikoji
23:54 Six Pack Review: Masmorra, Dungeons of Arcadia
24:27 Masmorra: Rules Walkthrough
29:46 Masmorra: Discussion
56:14 Masmorra: Final Thoughts
58:15 On Tap: Blood of an Englishman
68:17 The Beer Primer: Porters
79:05 Outro