#15: Catan / Seeland

Draft Mechanic Episode #15: Catan, Seeland, Patchwork App, Mystery Rummy: Jekyll & Hyde, ...and then we held hands, and planning a bottle share

This episode we've got a bunch of recent plays to discuss. We gush about how much we've been loving the new Patchwork app. If apps aren't really your thing then we discuss 2 fillers and a Euro game for you. Mystery Rummy: Jekyll & Hyde is an interesting take on the traditional card game style. ...and then we held hands makes us really get in touch with our emotions. So much so that we channel our inner mill owners and reclaim Holland in Seeland. We put a classic, Catan, on tap. Finally, we discuss the makings of an excellent bottle share.

Patchwork - the app
2016, Matagot Editions. 
Designers: Uwe Rosenberg

Mystery Rummy: Jekyll & Hyde
2001, Eagle-Gryphon Games/U.S. Games Systems, Inc
Designer: Mike Fitzgerald

...and then, we held hands.
2016, LudiCreations
Designers: David Chircop, Yannick Massa

2010, Ravensburger. 
Designers: Günter Burkhardt, Wolfgang Kramer

1995, Mayfair and now Asmodee. 3-4 players with 5-6p ext. 60-120 minutes.
Designers: Klaus Teuber

Wheat: Allagash Brewing CompanyWhite” Witbier. Portland, ME.
5.1% ABV, 13 IBU. 12oz bottles.

Wood: Olde Hickory BreweryHickory Stick” American stout. Hickory, NC.
    5.8% ABV, 52 IBU. Six-pack, 12oz bottles, year-round.

Sheep: 3 SheepsEwephoria” Ginger chocolate stout. Sheboygan, WI.
    7.4% ABV, 26 IBU. Four packs, 12oz bottles, winter seasonal.

Stone: Stone Brewing CompanyGo-To IPA” Session IPA. Escondido, CA.
    4.5% ABV, 65 IBU. 12 oz bottles 6/12 packs.

Brick: Jackie O’s Pub and BreweryBrick Kiln” American Barleywine. Athens, OH.
    10.5% ABV, 57 IBU.

Section Timestamps:
01:00 Show housekeeping
01:53 Con talk - GenCon, BGG.con, CMON Expo
04:30 Masmorra, the Dungeons of Arcadia
06:15 This is not a drill: The Prophecy of Dragons
07:49 Patchwork (the app)
12:07 …and then, we held hands.
18:31 Mystery Rummy 3: Jekyll & Hyde
26:50 Seeland
43:18 On Tap: Catan (or, the Settlers of).
52:08 Planning the perfect bottle share party
58:03 Outro

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