#105: Blue Lagoon

Draft Mechanic Episode # 105: Blue Lagoon Six Pack & On Tap, Proving Grounds, Aerion, Beer Traveler: Michigan, Chicago, & North Atlanta

Pret-A-Porter 3rd Edition (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Dice Hospital: Community Care (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Rush M.D. (BGG) (Kickstarter)
One Small Step (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Dice Throne Adventures (BGG) (Kickstarter)

Recent Plays:
Proving Grounds
2019, Renegade Game Studios
Designer: Kane Klenko
Artist: Csaba Bernáth, Matthew Dobrich

2019, Z-Man Games, Inc.
Designer: Shadi Torbey
Artist: Élise Plessis

Six Pack Review:
Blue Lagoon
2018, Blue Orange Games
Designer: Reiner Knizia
Artist: Tomasz Larek

On Tap:
Blue Lagoon
2018, Blue Orange Games
Designer: Reiner Knizia
Artist: Tomasz Larek
    •Modern Times Beer "Fortunate Islands";San Diego, CA, USA
    5% ABV, 46 IBU.
    Tropical Pale Ale.

    •Villages Brewery "Lagoon"; Deptford, London, England
    4.3% ABV.
    Red Ale.

    •Solorio Brewing Company "Blue Lagoon"; Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA
    5.3% ABV.
    Blueberry Blonde Ale.

    •Maui Brewing Company "Coconut Hiwa Porter"; Kihei, HI, USA
    6% ABV, 30 IBU.
    Toasted Coconut Porter.

    •Coronado Brewing Company "Leisure Lagoon"; San Diego, CA, USA
    5.5% ABV, 55 IBU.
    Hazy Pale Ale.

Beer Traveler:
Ann Arbor, MI:
Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Ann Arbor
The Grotto Watering Hole

Grand Rapids, MI:
Founders Brewing Co.
Speciation Artisan Ales
Brewery Vivant

Southern Chicago:
Marz Community Brewing Co.
Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar
Off Color Brewing - Mousetrap
Alulu Brewery & Pub

Northern “Atlanta”:
Reformation Brewery (Woodstock, GA)
Orpheus Brewing (Not in northern “atlanta”, in ATL proper)
Variant Brewing Company (Roswell, GA)
Gate City Brewing Company (Roswell, GA)

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

02:40 Games News: Gen Con is HERE!

07:12 Games News: Gloomhaven Digital Edition

09:00 Games News: Luckyhammers gets the axe

10:23 Games News: Even More Villainous

11:30 Games News: Diana Jones Award Nods

13:34 Kickstarter Updates

16:22 Kickstarter: Pret-a-Porter 3E

18:32 Kickstarter: Dice Hospital Community Care

19:52 Kickstarter: Rush MD

22:32 Kickstarter: One Small Step

24:37 Kickstarter: Dice Throne Adventures

29:13 Recent Plays: Proving Grounds

43:01 Recent Plays: Aerion

52:58 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

54:03 Six Pack Review: Blue Lagoon

54:28 Blue Lagoon: Gameplay Overview

58:47 Blue Lagoon: Discussion

70:07 Blue Lagoon: Final Thoughts

72:05 On Tap: Blue Lagoon

75:56 Jake’s Beer Odyssey

101:05 Final Round & Outro

#104: 2018 Redux

Draft Mechanic Episode #104: 2018 Superlatives and Top Games Redux, The Alwaysgreen Garden Kickstarter Preview, Shikoku, Navegador, The Hearmees, and Recent Beer Legislation

Classy Dice Buddies (Part 1) (Kickstarter)
Board game Bag & Calendar (Kickstarter)
The Isle of Cats (BGG) (Kickstarter)
The Alwaysgreen Garden (BGG) (Kickstarter)

Recent Plays:
The Alwaysgreen Garden
2019, Splattered Ink Games
Designer: Darryl T. Jones
Artist: Darryl T. Jones

2019, Grand Gamers Guild
Designer: Eloi Pujadas
Artist: Amelia Sales

2010, PD-Verlag/Rio Grande Games
Designer: Mac Gerdts
Artist: Marina Fahrenbach, Mac Gerdts

The Hearmees
2017, HABA
Designer: Wolfgang A. Lehmann

2018 Superlatives Redux:
Best Artwork:

Danielle: Root (Leder Games)
Jake: Everdell (Starling Games)

Best Non-mini Components:
Jake: the Mars Open: Tabletop Golf ball (Bellwether Games)
Danielle: The Expancity stacking skyscrapers (Breaking Games)

Biggest Disappointment:
Danielle: T.I.M.E. Stories: Brotherhood of the Coast (Space Cowboys)
Jake: Rising Sun (CMON Limited)

Game I Wish I'd Played in 2018:
Danielle: Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game (Portal Games)
Jake: Root (Leder Games)

Game I Wish I'd Played More of in 2018:
Danielle: The Quacks of Quedlinburg (North Star Games)
Change: Jake: Underwater Cities (Delicious Games)

Best Older Game I Played for the First Time in 2018:
Danielle: Ponzi Scheme (Tasty Minstrel Games)
Jake: Vinhos Deluxe Edition (Eagle-Gryphon Games)

Best Party Game:
Change: Danielle: Just One (Repos Production)
Change: Jake: Just One (Repos Production)

Best App:
Danielle: Ganz Schön Clever (Schmidt Spiele, Developer: BrettspielWelt GMBH)
Jake: Noch Mal! (Schmidt Spiele, Developer: Outline Development)

Most Innovative Game:
Danielle: Nychtofobia (Pandasaurus Games)
Jake: KeyForge: Call of the Archons/Discover: Lands Unknown (Fantasy Flight Games)

Favorite Games of 2018:
Jake's Picks:
10. Decrypto
Le Scorpion Masqué
Designer: Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance

9. Star Realms : Frontiers
White Wizard Games
Designer: Robert Dougherty, Darwin Kastle

8. Teotihuacan: City of Gods
NSKN Games
Designer: Daniele Tascini

7. Blue Lagoon
Blue Orange
Designer: Reiner Knizia

6. Keyforge: Call of the Archons
Fantasy Flight Games
Designer: Richard Garfield

5. Mars Open: Tabletop Golf
Bellwether Games
Designer:  Dennis Hoyle

4. The Quacks of Quedlinburg
North Star Games
Designer: Wolfgang Warsch

3. Cryptid
Osprey Games
Designer: Hal Duncan, Ruth Veevers

2. Coimbra
Designer: Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli

1. Escape Tales: The Awakening
Designer: Jakub Caban, Matt Dembek, Bartosz Idzikowski

Danielle's Picks:
10. Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Stonemaier Games
Desinger: Matthew O'Malley, Ben Rosset

9. Spring Meadow
Stronghold Games
Designer: Uwe Rosenberg

8. Coimbra
Designer: Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli

7. Dice Hospital
Alley Cat Games
Designer: Stan Kordonskiy, Mike Nudd

6. Ganz Schön Clever
Schmidt Spiele
Designer:  Wolfgang Warsch

5. Keyforge: Call of the Archons
Fantasy Flight Games
Designer: Richard Garfield

4. The Quacks of Quedlinburg
North Star Games
Designer: Wolfgang Warsch

3. Welcome To…
Deep Water Games / Blue Cocker Games
Designer: Benoit Turpin

2. Just One
Repos Productions
Designer: Ludovic Roudy, Bruno Sautter

1. Escape Tales: The Awakening
Designer: Jakub Caban, Matt Dembek, Bartosz Idzikowski

Beer Legislation:
CNN: Supreme Court strikes down Tennessee residency requirement for liquor licenses
Brewbound: US Supreme Court Strikes Down Tennessee Residency Requirement
Brewbound: Maine Governor Signs Self-Distribution, Franchise Reform into Law

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

03:00 Games News: BGG’s Convention Tools

04:52 Kickstarter Updates

07:13 Kickstarter: Classy Dice Buddies Part 1

08:20 Kickstarter: BoardGameTables.com Bags & Calendar

12:51 Kickstarter: The Isle of Cats

14:53 Kickstarter: The Alwaysgreen Garden

26:45 Recent Plays: Shikoku

38:05 Recent Plays: Navegador

51:23 Recent Plays: The Hearmees

59:32 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

60:35 2018 Redux: Superlative Categories

67:27 2018 Redux: Top 10 Games Re-Lists

96:00 Recent Beer Legislation News

104:18 Outro

#103: Dust In The Wings / We're Doomed!

Draft Mechanic Episode # 103: We’re Doomed! Six Pack Review, Dust In The Wings On Tap, Brikks, Carcassonne Für 2, Jake’s Origins Recap, and Our Six Packs of our Favorite Taprooms

The Refuge: Terror from the Deep (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Darwinauts (BGG) (Kickstarter)

Recent Plays:
Carcassonne Für 2
2017, Hans im Glück
Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Artist: Anne Pätzke, Chris Quilliams

2019, Schmidt Spiele/Stronghold Games
Designer: Wolfgang Warsch
Artist: Anne Pätzke

Dust In The Wings
2019, Board&Dice
Designer: Dennis Kirps, Christian Kruchten, Jean-Claude Pellin
Artist: Odysseas Stamoglou

On Tap:
Dust In The Wings
2019, Board&Dice
Designer: Dennis Kirps, Christian Kruchten, Jean-Claude Pellin
Artist: Odysseas Stamoglou

Diebolt Brewing Company "Mariposa Pale Ale"; Denver, CO, USA
    6% ABV, 39 IBU.
    Pale ale with piney notes.

    •Sycamore Brewing "Rainbow Dust; Charlotte, NC, USA
    7.1% ABV.
    IPA brewed with 6 hop varietals.

•Almanac Beer Company"Mariposa"; Alameda, CA, USA
    7.2% ABV.
    Dry-hopped sour blonde ale aged in wine barrels with mariposa plums.

    •Hapa’s Brewing Company "Butterfly Wings"; San Jose, CA, USA
    7.8% ABV, 28 IBU.
    Double dry-hopped New England IPA.

    •Solemn Oath Brewery "Butterfly Flashmob"; Naperville, IL, USA
    7.3% ABV, 75 IBU.
   IPA fermented with Belgian yeast.

Six Pack Review:
We’re Doomed!
2019, Breaking Games
Designer: Mike Horton
Artist: Mike Horton

Our Favorite Taprooms:
6. Holy Mountain (Seattle, WA)
5. Salud Cerveceria (Charlotte, NC)
4. Edmund’s Oast Brewing Co. (Charleston, SC)
3. Urban Chestnut - The Grove (St. LLLLLLLouis, MO)
2. Taft’s Ale House (Cincinnati, OH)
1. Burial Beer Co. (Asheville, NC)

6. The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery (Charlotte, NC)
5. Revolution Brewpub (Chicago, IL)
4. Asheville Brewing Company (Asheville, NC)
3. Rhinegeist (Cincinnati, OH)
2. Burial Beer Co. (Asheville, NC)
1. Taft’s Ale House (Cincinnati, OH)

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

03:30 Mile High Game Guys interviewed Jake for some reason

04:38 Games News: BGG Gen Con GeekPreview

07:15 Kickstarter Updates

09:20 Kickstarter: The Refuge: Terror from the Deep

12:59 Kickstarter: Darwinauts

17:15 Recent Plays: Carcassonne fur 2

23:18 Recent Plays: Brikks

32:52 Recent Plays: Dust in the Wings

40:53 On Tap: Dust in the Wings

44:50 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

45:36 Six-Pack Review: We’re Doomed!

57:20 Jake’s Origins Recap

70:47 Six Pack: Our Favorite Taprooms

102:34 Final Round: What Makes a Great Taproom?

109:32 Outro

#101: Geekway to the West 2019

Draft Mechanic Episode #101: New World: A Carcassonne Game On Tap, 3 Laws of Robotics, Tiny Towns, Second Chance, Kodama Duo, The River, Carcassonne: Winter Edition, Ginkgopolis, Men At Work, Fuji, Fire In The Library, CABO 2nd Edition, and Nitrogen Widgets

Spiel Des Jahres Nominees & Honorable Mentions
Boston Beer Company and Dogfish Head Agree to Merge in $300 Million Deal

Matryoshka (BGG) (Kickstarter)
CliniC Deluxe Edition (BGG) (Expansion BGG) (Kickstarter)

Recent Plays:
Hex Roller
2019, Pegasus Spiele/Renegade Game Studios
Designer: Rustan Håkansson
Artist: Christian Fiore

6 Nimmt!
1994, AMIGO
Designer: Wolfgang Kramer

Pot de Vin
2017, ThunderGryph Games
Designer: Fel Barros, Warny Marçano
Artist: Luis Francisco, Weberson Santiago

KeyForge: Call of the Archons
2018, Fantasy Flight Games
Designer: Richard Garfield

Tiny Towns
2019, Alderac Entertainment Group
Designer: Peter McPherson
Artist: Gong Studios, Matt Paquette

Second Chance
2019, Stronghold Games/Edition Spielwiese
Designer: Uwe Rosenberg
Artist: Max Prentis

Kodama Duo
2018, Indie Boards & Cards
Designer: Nick Little, Daniel Solis
Artist: Kwanchai Moriya

The River
2018, Days of Wonder
Designer: Sébastien Pauchon, Ismaël Perrin
Artist: Andrew Bosley

2019, Green Couch Games
Designer: Chris Bryan
Artist: Vincent Dutrait

Carcassonne: Winter Edition
2012, Z-Man Games, Inc.
Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Artist: Anne Pätzke

2012, Z-Man Games, Inc.
Designer: Xavier Georges
Artist: Gaël Lannurien

Men At Work
2019, Pretzel Games
Designer: Rita Modl
Artist: Chris Quilliams

2017, Quined Games
Designer: Michael Keller
Artist: Michael Menzel

2018, Feuerland Spiele
Designer: Wolfgang Warsch
Artist: Weberson Santiago

On Tap:
New World: A Carcassonne Game
2008, Hans im Glück/Rio Grande Games
Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Artist: Franz Vohwinkel
•Mayflower Brewing Company "New World IPA"; Plymouth, MA, USA
    6% ABV.
   Unfiltered IPA with El Dorado, Mosaic, and Citra.

    •Northern Monk "New World"; Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
    6.2% ABV, 60 IBU.
    IPA brewed with hops form the U.S., Australia, & Britain.

    •Avery Brewing Co. "New World Porter"; Boulder, CO, USA
    6.7% ABV, 48 IBU.
    Porter dry-hopped with Centennial & Simcoe hops.

    •Coast Mountain Brewing "The Surveyor IPA"; Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
    7% ABV, 68 IBU.
    Pacific North West IPA.

More Recent Plays:
Teotihuacan: City of Gods
2018, NSKN Games/Board&Dice
Designer: Daniele Tascini
Artist: Odysseas Stamoglou

Fire In The Library
2019, Weird Giraffe Games
Designer: Tony Miller, John Prather
Artist: Katie Khau, Beth Sobel

CABO (Second Edition)
2019, Bézier Games
Designer: Mandy Henning, Melissa Limes
Artist: Agus Muqith

3 Laws of Robotics
2019, Floodgate Games
Designer: Benjamin Kanelos
Artist: Matt Paquette, Tristam Rossin

Nitro Widgets:
HowStuffWorks: How does the widget in a beer can work?
Ball: This graphic about how widgets work that for some reason really amuses me
The Future? - Packaging Digest: Nitro Can delivers widget-less pub-style beer

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

02:51 We survived Geekway to the West!

03:43 Games News! The Spiel des Jahres!

09:30 I’m playing Terraforming Mars on my Phone

12:30 Beer’s Big Merger: Sam (Adams) and Sam (Dogfish)

18:37 Kickstarter Updates

21:20 Kickstarter: Matryoshka

23:37 Kickstarter: CliniC Deluxe Edition

26:03 Geekway begins on Wednesday if you show up early!

26:53 HexRoller, 6 Nimmt, Pot de Vin, Keyforge

28:36 Thursday!

30:36 Tiny Towns

37:56 Second Chance

42:03 Kodama Duo

50:39 The River

57:58 Other Thursday notes & the bottle share!

62:36 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

63:40 Friday! Geekway’s awesome library

65:20 Carcassonne: Winter Edition

66:59 Ginkgopolis

73:54 Men at Work

80:50 More Friday: Agra, Weird Stories

83:00 Fuji

93:45 New World: A Carcassonne Game

104:56 On Tap: New World: A Carcassonne Game

107:20Saturday! Teotihuacan

108:08 Fire in the Library

116:29 CABO

123:23 Saturday Night!

124:51 3 Laws of Robotics

133:13 Sunday is about saying goodbye

134:41 Nitrogen Widgets in your beer can

142:33 Outro