#13: Shakespeare

Draft Mechanic Episode #13: Shakespeare, Between Two Cities, Monikers, & Beer Festivals

This episode we take a look at recent plays of two very different games that will accommodate your large group: Between Two Cities and Monikers. We put Shakespeare on tap and give you four delicious brews to celebrate the bard and his characters. We also serve up a quick overview of the beer stats we use in our on tap segments. We round it out with a discussion of what makes a beer festival really shine.

Between Two Cities
2015, Stonemaier Games. 1-7 players. 20 minutes.
Designers: Matthew O’Malley, Morten Pedersen, Ben Rosset

Monikers: Shmonikers
2015, Palm Court/Self-published. 4-20 players. 30-60 minutes.
Designers: Alex Hague & Justin Vickers; based on pub domain game ‘Celebrity.’

2015, Ystari Games. 1-4 players. 20-90 minutes.
Designers: Hervé Rigal

  • New Holland “The Poet” oatmeal stout. Holland, MI.
    5.2% ABV, 37 IBU. Six packs, 12oz.
    Rich, roasty, oaty, and sweet.
  • North Coast “Puck, the Beer” Petite saison.
    4.0% ABV, 27 IBU. Four-pack 12oz.
    Named after the woodland spirit believed to help or hinder brewing in medieval times!
  • Omnipollo “Bianca” Mango lassi gose. Stockholm, Sweden.
    6.0% ABV, 22oz bomber.
    Gose brewed with rock salt, lactose, and mango purée. A mango lassi gose that is fruity but still salty.
  • Rogue Ales & Spirits “Shakespeare” Oatmeal stout. Newport, OR.
    5.7% ABV, 60 IBU. 12oz bottles.
    Chocolate malts, earthy and bitter but mellow and smooth.

Section timecodes

01:00 In the news!

06:00 Splendor on iOS

10:14 Between Two Cities

16:26 Monikers

22:27 About beer stats

28:09 On Tap: Shakespeare

46:00 Beer Festival Wishlist

60:05 Outro


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