#31: Terraforming Mars / GABF 2016

Draft Mechanic Episode #31: Terraforming Mars Six-Pack Review and On-Tap, Potion Explosion, Schotten Totten, a report from Essen Spiel, and an overview of this year's Great American Beer Festival

Lazer Ryderz

Recent Plays:

Potion Explosion
2015, CMON/Horrible Games
Designer:  Stefano Castelli, Andrea Crespi, Lorenzo Silva

Schotten Totten
1999/2016, iello (the 2016 edition we talk about)
Designer: Reiner Knizia

Dan's Report from Essen:

They Who Were 8
2013, LudiCreations
Designer: Todd Sanders

1999/2016, Osprey Games
Designer: Günter Cornett

Risky Adventure
2016, Queen Games
Designer: Anthony Rubbo

Six-Pack Review:

Terraforming Mars
2016, Stronghold Games
Designer:   Jacob Fryxelius

On-Tap Beer Pairings:

Terraforming Mars
2016, Stronghold Games
Designer:   Jacob Fryxelius

Great American Beer Festival 2016:

2016 Winners

Section Timestamps:


01:30 Show Housekeeping / FBGL Update
04:24 Kickstarter: ILLIMAT
07:06 Kickstarter: Lazer Ryderz
10:00 Recent Plays: Potion Explosion
13:37 Recent Plays: Schotten-Totten
22:10 Dan, Live from Essen
36:50 Six-Pack Review: Terraforming Mars
37:49 Terraforming Mars: Gameplay rundown
40:40 Terraforming Mars: Review discussion
69:23 Terraforming Mars: Final Thoughts
71:35 On Tap: Terraforming Mars
78:25 Great American Beer Festival 2016
86:28 Outro

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