Click the logo to join up!

Click the logo to join up!

What's a slack?

Slack is a chat service that runs on your web browser, phone, tablet, or I guess fridge if you have some fancy web-enabled fridge. Not sure. Our fridge is mainly for beer.

Why do I want it?

If you're here, you're a DM listener and want to be more involved in the board games & craft beer community we're creating! That's awesome! Our Slack channel has discussion rooms for games, beer, kickstarter, TIME Stories, and more - plus, #TheTopic channel in which we discuss our per-episode "Final Round" topic as started in Episode 65.

What's it cost?

Nothing. We just want to chat and hang out with you. Just be cool and no game or beer shaming. Otherwise, Bob will need to have a word with you.

How do I get in?

Real easy - click the logo up there, or this link, or even THIS link.