#75: Geekway to the West 2018

Draft Mechanic Episode #75: Geekway Recent Plays, Pot De Vin On Tap, Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, and More Geekway Recent Plays

Geekway Plays:
Indian Summer
2017, Edition Spielwiese/Stronghold Games
Designer:  Uwe Rosenberg
Artist: Andrea Boekhoff

2017, Fever Games/Renegade Game Studios
Designer:  Danny Devine
Artist:  Danny Devine, Jeff Oglesby 

Majesty: For the Realm
2017,  Z-Man Games
Designer:  Marc André 
Artist: Anne Heidsieck 

Clans of Caledonia
2017,  Karma Games
Designer: Juma Al-JouJou
Artist: Klemens Franz 

On Tap:
Pot De Vin
2017, Thundergryph Games
Designer:  Fel Barros, Warny Marçano
Artist:  Luis Francisco, Weberson Santiago
    West Sixth Brewing "Side Eye"; Lexington, KY, USA
    6.7% ABV.

    •Isley Brewing Company "The Bribe"; Richmond, VA, USA
    6.6% ABV, 19 IBU.
    Oatmeal Porter.

    •Legal Remedy Brewing "Bribery"; Fort Mill, SC, USA
    5.5% ABV, 21 IBU.
    Bittersweet Orange Wheat.

    •4 Hands Brewing Co"Guildsman Grenache"/"Guildsman Sauvignon Blanc"; St. Louis, MO, USA
    8% ABV.
    Farmhouse ale aged on Grenache or Sauvignon Blanc grape must.

-Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
Star Scrappers: Cave-In (Buy it)
2018, Hexy Studios
Designer:   Filip Miłuński, Jan Zalewski
Artist:   Mateusz "Draegg" Stanisławski, Łukasz Witusiński

More Geekway Plays:
Capital Lux
2016, Aporta Games
Designer: Eilif Svensson, Kristian Amundsen Østby
Artist: Kwanchai Moriya

The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game
2017,  alea/Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH
Designer: Stefan Feld, Christoph Toussaint
Artist:   Julien Delval, Harald Lieske 

Carcassonne: The City
2004,  Rio Grande Games
Designer:  Klaus-Jürgen Wrede
Artist:  Oliver Freudenreich, Marco Primo 

2006,  Ystari Games
Designer:  Sébastien Pauchon
Artist:  Arnaud Demaegd, Mike Doyle

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

02:55 News: Spiel & Kennerspiel Nominees

06:46 Kickstarter Updates

08:53 Geekway Part One

15:15 Recent Play: Indian Summer

23:14 Recent Play: Topiary

29:05 Recent Play: Majesty for the Realm

35:13 Recent Play: Clans of Caledonia

46:55 Geekway Part Two

48:39 On Tap: Pot De Vin

59:09 Visiting Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

60:44 Recent Play: Star Scrappers: Cave In

66:58 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

68:07 Geekway Part Three

68:22 Recent Play: Capital Lux

74:43 Recent Play: Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game

82:00 Recent Play: Carcassonne: The City

91:28 Recent Play: Yspahan

101:05 Outro

#74: Decrypto

Draft Mechanic Episode #74: Variants: Decrypto vs. Codenames, Dice Throne, Hive, Biblios, Wonderland, Decrypto On Tap, World Beer Cup 2018, and What Game Would You Like to See "Kiddified"

Geekway to the West Meetup at Urban Chestnut - May 18
Salud Cerveceria Meetup - May 15

Overlight (RPG Geek) (Kickstarter)
Gravity Warfare (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Journal 29 Revelation (Kickstarter)

Recent Plays:
Dice Throne: Season One
2018, Mind Bottling Games/Roxley Games
Designer: Nate Chatellier, Manny Trembley
Artist: Manny Trembley

2001, Gen42 Games
Designer: John Yianni
Artist: John Yianni 

2007,  Dr. Finn's Games/iello
Designer: Steve Finn
Artist: Steve Finn, David Palumbo 

2018,  Renegade Game Studios
Designer: Daniel Solis
Artist: Anita Osburn, Beth Sobel 

2018,  Le Scorpion Masqué
Designer: Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance
Artist: Fabien Fulchiron, NILS, Manuel Sanchez

2015,  Czech Games Edition
Designer: Vlaada Chvátil
Artist:  Stéphane Gantiez, Tomáš Kučerovský 

On Tap:
2018,  Le Scorpion Masqué
Designer: Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance
Artist: Fabien Fulchiron, NILS, Manuel Sanchez
    Ohana Brewing Company "Encrypted Data IPA"; Los Angeles, CA, USA
    7.6% ABV.
    American IPA.

    •The Dayton Beer Company "Codebreaker"; Dayton, OH, USA
    10.2% ABV, 98 IBU.
    Imperial IPA.

    •Twisted Pine Brewing Company "Intercept"; Boulder, CO, USA
    7.4% ABV, 85 IBU.
    American IPA.

    •Bunker Brewing Company "Cypher"; Portland, ME, USA
    6.4% ABV.
    India Pale Lager with Eureka hops.

    •New Glarus Brewing Company "Enigma"; New Glarus, WI, USA
    5.5% ABV, 12 IBU.
    Sour ale with malted barley and cherries aged in unlined oak casks.

World Beer Cup 2018:
Cool Sortable Website Winners List
PDF Winners List
Stats Page

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

02:21 Geekway to the West meetup!

03:10 News: Asmodee for Sale?

08:37 News: My Little Scythe

11:24 Kickstarter Updates

13:32 Kickstarter: Overlight RPG

17:29 Kickstarter: Gravity Warfare

19:32 Kickstarter: Journal 29 Revelation

22:42 Recent Plays: Dice Throne

31:29 Recent Plays: Hive

36:21 Recent Plays: Biblios

44:11 Recent Plays: Wonderland

52:31 Recent Plays: Among the Stars app

54:34 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

55:43 Variants: Decrypto v Codenames

78:05 On Tap: Decrypto

81:52 World Beer Cup 2018 Results

91:00 Final Round: Retheming for Kids

94:15 Outro

#73: Rising 5

Draft Mechanic Episode #73: Rising 5 Six Pack Review, Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker, Las Vegas Boulevard, Monster Match, Funky Chicken, Monster Match On Tap, the HIstory of Cider, and What Makes a Modern Classic?

Kitchen Rush: Piece of Cake (BGG) (Kickstarter)
The Estates (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker (BGG) (Kickstarter)

Recent Plays:
Blight Chronicles: Agent Decker

2018, Board&Dice
Designer:  Manuel Correia, Matt Dembek
Artist:   Ramses Bosque, Paweł Niziołek
Gaming Rules! How To Play Video

Las Vegas Boulevard
2014, Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH
Designer:  Rüdiger Dorn
Artist:   Harald Lieske, Mia Steingräber

Monster Match
2018, North Star Games
Designer:   Ken Gruhl, Quentin Weir
Artist:   Linda DeSantis

Funky Chicken
2018,  North Star Games
Designer:   Ken Gruhl, Satish Pillalamarri, Quentin Weir
Artist:    Linda DeSantis  

Six Pack Review:
Rising 5: Runes of Asteros
2018, Grey Fox Games
Designer:  Gary Kim, Evan Song
Artist:   Vincent Dutrait 

On Tap:
Monster Match
2018, North Star Games
Designer:   Ken Gruhl, Quentin Weir
Artist:   Linda DeSantis
    Indiana City Brewing Co. "Too Many Eyes"; Indianapolis, IN, USA
    7.5% ABV.
    Double dry hopped IPA.

    •Hobbs Tavern & Brewing Co. "One Arm"; West Ossipee, NH, USA
    6% ABV, 30IBU.
    Farmhouse ale.

    •Sante Adairius Rustic Ales "Four Legs Good"; Capitola, CA, USA
    9.9% ABV.
    Barrel-aged blonde quad.

    •Evil Twin Brewing "Imperial Doughnut Break"; Brooklyn, NY, USA
    11.5% ABV, 70 IBU
    Imperial coffee doughnut porter.

    •Burial Beer Co. "Skillet Donut Stout"; Asheville, NC, USA
    8% ABV, 60 IBU.
    Breakfast stout. Just the fricken' best.

The History of Cider:
The History of Cider Making
The Ancient Origins of Apple Cider
National Apple Museum
The Highs and Lows of Hard Apple Cider History
Washington State University: History of Cider

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

02:42 News: Gen Con Events Catalog is live

04:55 News: Asmodee’s Modern Classics

07:42 Kickstarter Updates

10:16 Kickstarter: Kitchen Rush expansion

12:15 Kickstarter: The Estates

15:23 Recent Plays / KS Preview: Blight Chronicles Agent Decker

27:11 Recent Plays: Las Vegas Boulevard

34:50 Recent Plays: Happy Planet Games: Monster Match & Funky Chicken

42:52 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

44:01 Six Pack Review: Rising 5

44:42 Rising 5: Gameplay Rundown

50:34 Rising 5: Discussion

68:19 Rising 5: Final Thoughts

70:27 On Tap: Monster Match

74:47 The History of Cider

83:28 Final Round: Modern Classics

95:11 Outro

#72: The RPG Episode

Draft Mechanic Episode #72: Homebrew RPGs, Sunset Over Water, Millennial Apartment Hunters, Filler, Vinyl, and Getting Started Homebrewing Beer

Filler (BGG) (Kickstarter - Launches 4/11)
Vinyl (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Graphic Novel Adventures (BGG: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) (Kickstarter)

Recent Plays:
2018, Green Couch Games
Designer: Jonathan Chaffer
Artist:  Claire Donaldson

2018, Talon Strikes Studios LLC
Designer:   Eric Alvarado
Artist:  Jason Washburn

Sunset Over Water
2018, Pencil First Games
Designer:  Eduardo Baraf, Steve Finn, Keith Matejka
Artist:   Benjamin Shulman, Beth Sobel, Helen Zhu 

Millennial Apartment Hunters
2016, Paracosm Press
Designer:  James D'Amato

Homebrew D&D Feature:
Dungeons & Dragons,5th Edition
Homebrew: Advancement Sheet

On Tap:
Dungeons & Dragons,5th Edition
    Paladin Brewing "D20"; Austintown, OH, USA
    5.6% ABV, 20 IBU.
    Cream Ale.

    •Bottle Logic Brewing "Roll for Initiative"; Anaheim, CA, USA
    13.8% ABV.
    Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial stout with vanilla and cinnamon.

    •Halo Brewery "Magic Missile"; Toronto, ON, Canada
    5.5% ABV, 34 IBU.
    Australian Pale Ale.

    •Ninkasi Brewing Company "Critical Hit"; Eugene, OR, USA
    11.7% ABV, 100 IBU

    •Our Brewing Company "Dungeon Master"; Holland, MI, USA
    6% ABV, 101 IBU.
    Black IPA.

    •Aardwolf Brewing Company "+5 Charisma"; Jacksonville, FL, USA
    9% ABV.
    Belgian Strong Dark.

Beer Homebrew Links:
Find a Homebrew Supply Shop
Find a Homebrew Club Near You

Time codes:

01:00 Show Intro, News & Updates

04:29 News: Kitchen Rush expansion

05:29 News: Race for the Galaxy expansions

09:32 Kickstarter Updates

11:31 Kickstarter: Fireball Island

12:46 Kickstarter: Graphic Novel Adventures

14:35 Kickstarter: Filler

22:47 Kickstarter: Vinyl

32:04 Recent Plays: Sunset Over Water

40:47 Recent Plays: Millennial Apartment Hunters

51:39 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

52:50 D&D Homebrew Case Study

87:38 On Tap: Dungeons & Dragons

91:11 Homebrewing

99:59 The Final Round: Homebrew RPGs

102:08 Outro

#71: One Deck Dungeon

Draft Mechanic Episode #71: One Deck Dungeon Six Pack Review and On Tap, Mystery of the Temples, Pitch Deck, Hardback, SMaSH Beers, and What Makes a Game Good Solo?

Architects of the West Kingdom (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Fire in the Library (BGG) (Kickstarter)
Mystery of the Temples (BGG) (Kickstarter)

Recent Plays:
Mystery of the Temples
2017, EmperorS4 / 2018,Deep Water Games
Designer: Wei-Min Ling
Artist:  Maisherly 

Pitch Deck
2017, Palm Court
Designer:  Fred Benenson, Alex Hague

2017,  Fowers Games
Designer:  Jeff Beck (II), Tim Fowers
Artist: Ryan Goldsberry

Six Pack Review:
One Deck Dungeon
2016, Asmadi Games
Designer: Chris Cieslik
Artist:  Alanna Cervenak, Will Pitzer

One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
2017,  Asmadi Games
Designer: Chris Cieslik
Artist:  Alanna Cervenak, Will Pitzer

On Tap:
One Deck Dungeon
2016, Asmadi Games
Designer: Chris Cieslik
Artist:  Alanna Cervenak, Will Pitzer 

One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
2017,  Asmadi Games
Designer: Chris Cieslik
Artist:  Alanna Cervenak, Will Pitzer
    •Half Acre Beer Co. "Dungeons"; Chicago, IL, USA
    6.2% ABV.
    IPA brewed with Maimea, Galaxy, and Mosaic hops.

    •Revolution Brewing Company "Working Woman"; Chicago, IL, USA
    5.9% ABV, 40IBU.
    American brown ale.

    •Monkish Brewing Co. "Feminist"; Torrance, CA, USA
    9.4% ABV.
    Belgian tripel with hibiscus.

    •Black Bridge Brewery "Wicked Poison"; Kingman, AZ, USA
    14.2% ABV, 12 IBU
    Wheat wine.

    •Garage Project "Boss Level"; Wellington, New Zealand
    8.5% ABV, 100 IBU.
    Imperial IPA.

SMaSH Beers:
    •Southern Tier Brewing Company "2xSMASH"; Lakewood, NY, USA
    8.1% ABV, 60 IBU.
    Double IPA. Malt: Special Pale. Hop: Mosaic

    •Alaskan Brewing Co. "SMaSH Galaxy"; Kingman, AK, USA
    8.5% ABV, 86 IBU
    Double IPA. Malt: Premium Northwest Pilsner Malt. Hop: Galaxy

    •Legal Draft Beer Co. "SMaSh and GRaB"; Arlington, TX, USA
    6.2% ABV, 70 IBU.
    IPA. Malt: 2-row. Hop: Citra

Section Timestamps:

01:00 Show Intro

03:02 News: Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises

06:12 News: Asmodee Entertainment

10:32 Kickstarter Updates

11:04 Kickstarter: Architects of the West Kingdom

15:32 Kickstarter: Fire in the Library

19:06 Recent Plays: Mystery of the Temples

29:10 Recent Plays: Pitch Deck

38:23 Recent Plays: Hardback

53:13 Grey Fox Games Sponsorship Spot

54:03 Six Pack Review: One Deck Dungeon

54:32 One Deck Dungeon: Gameplay Overview

63:40 One Deck Dungeon: Discussion

88:11 One Deck Dungeon: Final Thoughts

90:32 On Tap: One Deck Dungeon

93:17 SMaSH Beer

101:00 The Final Round: Soloable Games

108:33 Outro