Fantasy Board Game League

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It's time for SEASON TWO of the Fantasy Board Game League! Once again, we've joined up with content creators across the boardosphere to run our own kind of Fantasy League. Each team manager has drafted a team of games and will field those games in head-to-head matchups with the other participants week after week. Each team features games in five fixed 'positions:' Gateway, Euro, 4+ Weight, Card Game, and Abstract - in addition to five more 'general' players. The teams score based on their games' BGG ratings, change in ratings, plays logged, and each team gets additional points from weekly voting from YOU, our listeners! What's the incentive? Well, in addition to helping your favorite content creators get ahead, we're entering all votes into a random drawing for a $100 gift certificate to an Online Game Store of your choice! SWEET.

We held our draft on Sunday, September 10th. The regular season will run over the next nine weeks with new voting polls going up each Monday. After the regular season, our top four will face off in a two-week playoff to see who will win the trophy and be crowned the Second Annual Fantasy Board Game League Champion!

VJ:TCG:TDG:TFT (4-0) 137.40 132.42
The Cube Pushers (3-1)
WDHDYPTGTW? (3-1) 139.10 125.94 The Dicey Picks (0-4)
CSI: Barenpark (2-2) 133.26 123.17 Roux Dat! (1-3)
Most Hopefully Good Games (1-3) 109.66 131.75 The Northern Canuckleheads (2-2)
The AP Nutz (0-4) 118.06 131.75 The Duke-a-Doodle Deuce (4-0)


The 2017 First Round draft Picks

  1. Jake: Terraforming Mars
  2. Brandon: Kingdomino
  3. Danielle: Patchwork
  4. BJ: Clank! A Deckbuilding Adventure
  5. Crystal: Codenames: Duet
  6. Adrian: The Climbers
  7. Patrick: Ex Libris
  8. Bill: Through The Ages (First Edition)
  9. Sean: Arkham Horror: The Card Game
  10. Quinten: Codenames Classic

the 2017 fbgl teams

The teams below are listed in drafting order. We drafted a serpentine draft, with Jake starting and the order reversing starting with Quinten each even-numbered round. All games currently listed on were eligible for the draft. Games with separate entries for 'second editions' are separate choices (for example, Through the Ages and Through the Ages New). Team coaches are allowed to field or drop games from their bench up until Thursday. Coaches can also drop games entirely to pick up games that are not currently on a team, first-come, first-serve to go into effect at the start of the next week. Play weeks reset each Sunday afternoon.

Logo - Hillier - AP Nutz.jpg

Coach: Jake Bock (@draftmechanic / @indjk)
Representing: Draft Mechanic

Team: VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice Game: The Fantasy Team

Gateway: Splendor
Abstract: Onitama
Euro: Terraforming Mars
Card: Race for the Galaxy
Heavy (4+ Weight): Kingdom Death: Monster
Player 6: Magic Maze
Player 7: King of Tokyo
Player 8: Gaia Project
Player 9: Twilight Struggle
Player 10: Caverna

Bench 1: Bunny Kingdom
Bench 2: Flipships
Bench 3: Star Trek: Ascendancy

Logo - Hillier - AP Nutz.jpg

Coach: Brandon Kempf (@wdyptw / @vacabck)
Representing: What Did You Play This Week?

Team: Why THE HELL Did You Pick that game this week?

Gateway: Kingdomino
Abstract: Photosynthesis
Euro: Scythe
Card: Love Letter
Heavy (4+ Weight): Through the Ages: A NEW Story of Civilization
Player 6: Pandemic
Player 7: Isle of Skye
Player 8: Tiny Epic Quest
Player 9: Near and Far
Player 10: Caverna: Cave vs. Cave

Bench 1: Azul
Bench 2: The Godfather: Corleone's Empire
Bench 3: Stop! Thief!


Coach: Danielle Bock (@laughstooeasily)
Representing: Draft Mechanic

Team: CSI: Barenpark

Gateway: Century Spice Road
Abstract: Patchwork
Euro: Viticulture: Essential Edition
Card: Dominion
Heavy (4+ Weight): Food Chain Magnate
Player 6: Spirit Island
Player 7: Blood Rage
Player 8: Roll for the Galaxy
Player 9: Jaipur
Player 10: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

Bench 1: Ethnos
Bench 2: Five Tribes
Bench 3: Agra

Logo - BJ - Roux Dat.jpg

Coach: BJ Rozas (@boardgamegumbo)
Representing: Board Game Gumbo

Team: roux dat!

Gateway: Werewords
Abstract: Hive
Euro: Catan
Card: Star Wars: Destiny
Heavy (4+ Weight): The Colonists
Player 6: Clank!
Player 7: Gloomhaven
Player 8: Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
Player 9: Massive Darkness
Player 10: Ticket to Ride: Europe

Bench 1: Trickerion
Bench 2: Noria
Bench 3:Port Royal


Coach: Crystal Pisano (@boardgameblitz / @crystalpisano)
Representing: Board Game Blitz!

Team: Dicey picks

Gateway: Dice Forge
Abstract: NMBR 9
Euro: Orleans
Card: Codenames: Duet
Heavy (4+ Weight): Kanban Automotive Revolution
Player 6: Ticket to Ride
Player 7: The Resistance: Avalon
Player 8: Hanabi
Player 9: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Player 10: Puerto Rico

Bench 1: Queendomino
Bench 2: Mysterium
Bench 3: First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet

Logo - Hillier - AP Nutz.jpg

Coach: Adrian Richardson (@mhgameguys)
Representing: Mile High Game Guys

Team: most hopefully good games

Gateway: Secret Hitler
Abstract: The Climbers
Euro: Great Western Trail
Card: The 7th Continent
Heavy (4+ Weight): The Gallerist
Player 6: Seikatsu
Player 7: A Feast for Odin
Player 8: Black Souls
Player 9: Clank! In! Space!
Player 10: Whistle Stop

Bench 1: Pandemic Legacy: Season 2
Bench 2: Mystic Vale
Bench 3: Nusfjord

Logo - Hillier - AP Nutz.jpg

Coach: Patrick Hillier (@overthehillier)
Representing: What Did You Play This Week? Conversation Thing

Team: The AP Nutz

Gateway: Barenpark
Abstract: Sagrada
Euro: Concordia
Card: Spyfall
Heavy (4+ Weight): Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition
Player 6: Charterstone
Player 7: Le Havre
Player 8: Mechs v. Minions
Player 9: Clans of Caledonia
Player 10: Agricola

Bench 1: Ex Libris
Bench 2: Merlin
Bench 3: Rhino Hero Super Battle

Logo - bill - cube pushers.jpg

Coach: Bill Corey Jr. (@billcoreyjr / @cubistpodcast)
Representing: The Cubist Podcast

Team: The Cube Pushers

Gateway: Carcassonne
Abstract: Santorini
Euro: Terra Mystica
Card: Magic: The Gathering
Heavy (4+ Weight): Through the Ages (original)
Player 6: Android: Netrunner
Player 7: Legendary: Marvel
Player 8: Mansions of Madness, 2nd Edition
Player 9: Crokinole
Player 10: Onirim

Bench 1: Wasteland Express Delivery Service
Bench 2: Brass: Lancashire
Bench 3: Eclipse

Logo - sean - deuce.jpg

Coach: Sean Ramirez (@dukesofdice)
Representing: The Dukes of Dice

Team: the Duke-a-doodle Deuce 

Gateway: 7 Wonders: Duel
Abstract: Go
Euro: Castles of Burgundy
Card: Arkham Horror: The Card Game
Heavy (4+ Weight): Lisboa
Player 6: 7 Wonders
Player 7: Star Wars: Rebellion
Player 8: Legend of the Five Rings (FFG Edition)
Player 9: Codenames: Disney
Player 10: T.I.M.E Stories

Bench 1: Champions of Midgard
Bench 2: Codenames: Marvel
Bench 3: Takenoko

Logo - Quinten - Canuckleheads.jpg

Coach: Quinten Dreger (@boardsalive)
Representing: Boards Alive!

Team: The Northern Canuckleheads

Gateway: Codenames Classic
Abstract: Chess
Euro: Lords of Waterdeep
Card: Star Realms
Heavy (4+ Weight): Mage Knight
Player 6: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle
Player 7: Codenames: Pictures
Player 8: Red 7
Player 9: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
Player 10: Coup

Bench 1: Downforce
Bench 2: Flamme Rouge
Bench 3: Potion Explosion